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There is - there are worksheet preview
There is - there are

Countable - Uncountable nouns worksheet preview
Countable - Uncountable nouns

THERE IS-THERE ARE worksheet preview

There is - There are worksheet preview
There is - There are

I love my room - there is - there are worksheet preview
I love my room - there is - there are

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                                                                       Affirmative form

There is a +  singular countable noun

There is some + uncountable noun
There is a fish in the bowl.
There is some water in the bowl.

There are some +  plural noun

There are some vegetables in the basket.

                                           Negative form

There isn't a/an +  singular countable noun

There isn't any + uncountable noun

 There isn't an apple on the plate.
There isn't any food on the plate.

There aren't any +  plural noun

 There aren't any fruits in the bowl.

                              Interrogative form

Is there a +  singular countable noun

Is there any + uncountable noun
 Is there a fish in the bowl?
Is there any water in the bowl?

Are there  +  plural noun

 Are there any apples on the tree?

 Complete the sentences with There is a or There are some
       Match them with the pictures by writing the correct number.
  1.  groceries in the cart.
  2.  presents under the tree.
  3.  candle on the cupcake.
  4.  bear in the cave.
  5.  rabbit in the hat.
  6.  cookies on the plate.
  7.  frog on a log.
  8.  birds in the nest .


       Look at the pictures and complete the sentences with
       There is a, There is some, There are some, There isn't a, There aren't any.
1.      jars in the cupboard.      2.     books in the bookcase.
3.   books in the bookcase.   4.   computer on the desk.
5.   cushion on the armchair.         6.      flowers in the basket. 
7.     rose in the vase.                              8.       flowers in the vase.
9.   lamp on the bedside table.  10.   food in the fridge.
       Look at the picture and complete the questions using  Is there or Are there.
1.  a lamp on the bedside table?
2.  pictures on the wall?
3.  a wardrobe in the room? 4.  pillows on the bed?
5.  chairs in the room? 6.  a computer in the room?
7.  a drawer under the bed?  8.  clothes in the wardrobe?
Mark the correct sentence.

 There is some sand in the bucket.  There is a bear in the cave.
 There isn't any sand in the bucket.   There isn't any bear in the cave.

 There is some juice in the glass.   There are some letters in the mailbox.
 There isn't any juice in the glass.   There aren't any letters in the mailbox.

 There are some sardines in the can.   There is a frog on the lily pad.
 There aren't any sardines in the can.   There isn't any frog on the lily pad.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       by Anna Pessoa 





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