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Body parts

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Parts of the face

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Parts of the face-drag 'n drop

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Parts of the face - listen

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DRAW AND COLOR THE FACES. (practice on colors, parts of the face, adjectives and structure ´have/has got´)
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Age: 5-17
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Level: elementary
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Choose the right  answer:
1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.    8.    9.                   10
Fill in the gaps:
1.          2.          3.          4.           5.   
       6.     7.
Right or wrong?
1. I wear glasses on my cheek
2.You should brush your teeth twice a day
3.What wonderful yellow eyes you have!
4.When my sister has a cold, the doctor usually checks her eyebrows
5.The girls have piercing in their ears
6. My eyes are blue
7.I have hair three kilometers long
8.People breath through the nose
Wordsearch (8 words):


Good Job!!





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