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Form and use of the past simple, including rules of spelling and pronunciation of the "-ed" suffix. There is an exercise in which students have to fill in the blanks with the past simple of one of the verbs in the list, again there are pictures to help them choose the right one. I hope you like it and find it useful. Have a wonderful week and thank...
Level: elementary
Age: 12-14
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Past Simple - Affirmative

Regular and Irregular Verbs
A. Complete the sentences using the regular verbs in the Past Simple (remember: regular verb + ed/d) 
       1. My father  (play) football in his school team.
       2. In 2005, my parents  (work) in Brazil.
       3. I  (study) very hard for my English test.
       4. My brother and I  (cook) lunch on Mother's Day.
       5. Paul always  (love) his wife. 
       6. Mr and Mrs Smith  (marry) in 1996.
       7. My family  (live) in the United States for five years.
       8. I  (stay) at home the whole weekend.
B. Match the verbs to the pictures:
       - ring - know - wear - ring - meet - go - come - ride - see - make - sleep - get - 
       - begin - swim - win - eat - think - give - have - sink - do - be - drive - read -
         a)                         b)                            c)                    d)                    e)              f)  
                                                                                       .. HOMEWORK                                             ... HAPPY
        g)                        h)                               i)                          j)                   k)             l)  
       m)          n)          ... DINNER               ... UP             q                  r)   
                                                               o)                              p)                                                                                      I DON'T...
                  s)                           t)                             u)                           v)                x)                z)  
C. Write the Past Simple form of the verbs:
       1. be             7. get                       13. make              19. sink
       2. begin                    8. give                    14. meet                 20. sleep
       3. come                     9. go                       15. read                21. swim   
       4. do                          10. have                    16. ride                 22. think
       5. drive                   11. hit                        17. ring                 23. wear
       6. eat                         12. know                  18. see                   24. win
D. Choose the correct verb from exercise C to complete the sentences in the Past Simple - don't repeat the verbs.
     1. Diana  to school on Saturday by mistake.                                             11. The children  at McDonald's.
     2. My phone  during English class and my teacher  furious!          12. I'm rich! I  the lottery!
     3. During 3rd term, I  homework every time!                                             13. Anne  about her boyfriend the entire weekend.
     4. I  all Harry Potter books.                                                                   14. She  her boyfriend in school.
     5. School  in September.                                                                        15. The girl  a beautiful dress at the party.
     6. My parents  me a new bicycle for my birthday.                                     16. The Titanic  in 1912.
     7. That cruel man  his dog!                                                                         17. The Olympic swimmers  very fast.
     8. We  a horror film on TV last night.                                                         18. The good students  the answers to the difficult questions.
     9. My sister  up at 12 o'clock today. She  the entire morning.     19. After school I  home.                                      
   10. The man  his car dangerously and he  an accident.      



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