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                            Baby Animals





Baby cats are called kittens.                   

they love to play and drink lots of milk.


A baby dog is a puppy.

Puppies chew on old shoes.

They run and bark.


A lamb is a baby sheep.

Lambs eat green grass.


A baby duck is called a duckling.

ducklings swim with their wide, webbed feet.


Foals are baby horses.

A foal can walk the day it is born!





A baby goat is a kid.

 A baby pig is called piglet.              

Piglets love to play in mud. 



 Baby rabbits are called bunnies.

                                                                         Bunnies are soft small animals.

I. Answer:


1. A baby cat is called a     .


2. A baby dog is called a    .


3. A        is a baby sheep.


4.     swim with their webbed feet.


5. A    can walk the days it is born.


6.    love to play in the mud.


7. A baby goat is a    .


8.   are small and soft rabbits


Find the words in the wordsearch:     

      lamb   -  puppy  -   duckling   -   kid   -   piglet   -   foal   -   kitten   







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