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New York City-Quiz
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Age: 12-17
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    ROWAN                      LINDEN                         MAPLE
   WILLOW                        SPRUCE                         BIRCH
       PINE                              OAK                            ASPEN
       SPRUCE                              LINDEN                                      ROWAN
       PINE                                    BIRCH                                         LINDEN
       ASPEN                                OAK                                             SPRUCE
      OAK                                          SPRUCE                                         MAPLE
      ASPEN                                       ROWAN                                       WILLOW
      ROWAN                                    BIRCH                                            OAK
       BIRCH                                          MAPLE                                  WILLOW
       ROWAN                                       OAK                                      ASPEN
       MAPLE                                         ROWAN                                SPRUCE





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