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Frequency adverbs

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adverbs of frequency

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Frecuency Adverbs

1. Write the correct answer using the frecuency adverbs.

I have been to Japan. (Ever)


Ana plays tennis on Sundays. (Sometimes)


The rain season begins in May. (Always)


It snows in the Dessert. (Never)


Maria listens to the music. (Hardly)


She will see Pedro at 6pm. (Rarely)


Alberto is a punk; he doesn't get up before ten. (Never)


Kenneth and Esteban do not play soccer on Fridays. (Always)  


They have only bread for dinner. (Usually)


Have you been to the Mountain? (Often)


2. Click on the correct adverbs.




  • Regularly
  • Often
  • Seldom
  • Rarely
  • Not Ever
  • Usually
  • Sometimes
  • Always
  • Normally
  • Never

2. Acording to the graph, write an adverb related with the porcentage.
 60% - I  go to bed.
20% - They  go to bed.
100% - We  watch TV.
 80% - We  go to the bathroom.





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