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Complete this biography!

Use the verbs in the box to tell Edith Piaf's life.

Edith Piaf’s life

was / grew up / started / met / died / was born  / didn’t go / was buried / divorced / had / was / fell in love / was / sang / was / got married / was / died /got married / didn’t have

Edith Piafon December 19th 1915 in Paris, France. Her mother a singer whereas her father an artist in a circus. Edith in Normandy with her grandmother. She  to primary school, secondary school or university.

She her career in 1936. She a singer, she an incredible voice. She  “La Vie en Rose”, “Padam”…

In 1948 she  Marcel Cerdan, he a famous boxer. They . He in a plane accident in 1949.

In 1952 she  with Jacques Pills but they in 1956.

In 1962 Edith with Théo Sarapo, he younger than her.

She  any children.

Edith on October 10th 1963 in Grace, France. She at the Lachaise cemetery in Paris.





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