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Adjectives: word order worksheet preview
Adjectives: word order

Word order worksheet preview
Word order

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Word order
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WORD ORDER in statements and questions
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Rewrite the sentences in the correct order
1. football/  I  /  play
2. sometimes  / she  / watches  / TV
3. driving  / the Watsons  / a car / are
4. use /  he  / a computer  / can
5. music  / listening to / is  / she
6. sausages  / black  / likes  / the dog
7. can't  / expensive  / clothes  / the girls  / buy
8. her mother  / Mary  / speaking to / is
Decide which sentence is correct
I always go to Devon in August.
To Devon I always go in August.
In August I go always to Devon
Peter can eat a sandwich this evening at home.
Peter can eat a sandwich at home this evening.
A sandwich can eat Peter at home in the evening.
The Watsons are enjoying at the moment a pizza in London.
The Watsons are enjoying a pizza in London at the moment.
The Watsons are enjoying a pizza at the moment in London.
On Sunday Jenny watches sometimes TV at home.
At home Jenny sometimes watches TV on Sundays.
On Sunday Jenny sometimes watches TV at home.
Ben is dancing at the disco on Saturday.
At the disco Ben is dancing on Saturday.
Ben is dancing on Saturday in the disco.
Betty can't do the exercises this morning at school.
Betty can't do the exercises at school this morning.
Betty can't the exercises do at school this morning. 





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