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Present Simple

A) Choose the correct answer

1.††††† Danny and Rami††in the USA.

2.††† Susan† at 7 o'clock.

3.††† Aia† a story once a month.

4.††† Cats† milk.

5.††† The horse fast.

B)†Write the verb in preset simple (positive or negative)

1.††††† My brother chocolate. (like)

2.††† Rasha and Maya†† to school five days a week. (go)

3.††† Mom † dinner every day. (not cook)

4.††† The queen †in a palace. (live)

5.††† My little brother † his face in the morning. (wash)

6.††† Rina sandals in the summer. (swim)

7.††† My friends† computer games after school. (not play)

8.††† Dogs† fast. (run)

9.††† Yasmien and Diana † the house twice a week. (not clean)

10.††The baby†† when he is hungry. (cry)

C) Write a question for each answer.†


††††††† Yes, my father works.


††††††††Dana lives in England.


††††††††No, they donít go to school.


††††††† I go to school at 7:30.


††††††† The guards wear red coats.††††



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