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Parts of the.
Match the pictures:





 How many parts of the body do we have?      one / two / ten

  •  head            fingers       eyes         mouth        nose        knees     ears
  •  shoulders     legs           arms         neck           toes         feet       back
Watch the video, sing the "Body Song" and do the test. Good Luck!

 One       head            nose     

          One    mouth            leg
         One   eye                head
         One  neck              hair
  Keep moving! 
Keep moving!
            Two   eyes         ears
            Two   legs          ears
            Two  arms          toes
            Two  hands        legs
   Keep moving! 
  Keep moving!
            Five        fingers   ears
            Five        legs       toes
       Ten   fingers   eyes
        Ten   toes       arms
    Keep moving!  
 Keep moving!
  We move our bodies like this !!!


by Victoria Barachman

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