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Where are my things in the room?

Fill in the missing prepositions.
a) There is one teddy-bear  the sofa.
b) There are two teddies  the sofa.
c) My clothes are  the wardrobe.
d) There is a pink dress  a green jummper and a blouse.
e) There is one baseball  the wardrobe,  the clothes.
f) There is a carpet  the floor.
g) There is a chair  the desk.
h) There is a schoolbag  the desk.
i) There is a piggy-bank  the computer,  the desk.
j) There is a picture  the plant and the clock,  the shelf.
k) There is a toy house  the wardrobe.
l) There are four pictures  the wall,  the window.
m) There is a lamp  the teddy-bear.
n) There is an elephant  one of the pictures.
o) There is one clock  the wall and another one  the shelf.





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