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Greetings/Introducin g
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Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.

1. How are you?


          A. I”m a student.                               B. Thank you very much

          C. Very well, thank you                     D. I’m Lan.

2. ________

    My name’s Susan.

A. How’s your name?                        B. What’s your name?

          B. How do you do?                           B. What you’re name?

3. Which word contains a different sound from the others?

          A. bag                                               B. cap

          C. dad                                               D. far

4. _______

    Hi, I’m Bob. Nice to meet you.

          A. How old are you?                         B. How are you?

          C. Hi, my name’s Mary                     D. I’m fine.

5. Mr. Trung is ________doctor.

          A. the                                               B. a

          C. an                                                D. –

6. Which word contains a different meaning?

           A. good morning                                 B. good afternoon

           C. good evening                                 D. good night

7. Good morning, children.


          A. Good morning, Miss Angela

          B. Very well, thank you. And you?

          C. We’re fine, thank you.                          

          D. Take care

8. ________

    He’s from London.

          A. Where’s he from?                         B. What’s his job?

          C. Who’s he?                                    D. What’s his name?

9. ________ is Life Hospital?

    It’s in the city center.

A. What                                            B. Who

C. Where                                          D. When

10. _______ Ted and Jack in Mrs. Anna’s class?

A. Is                                                 B. Are

C. Be                                                 D. Am

11. Are you doctors?

      ________ .

A. Yes, we’re                                    B. Yes, they’re

C. Yes, I am                                      D. Yes, we are

12. How old are you?

      ________ .

A. I’m thirteen                                  B. I’m John

C. I’m fine, thanks                            D. I’m a student

13. Mark lives _______ Manchester.

A. in                                                  B. on

C. at                                                  D. under

14.What _______ these?

     They’re carrots.

A. be                                                 B. am

C. is                                                  D. are

15. eight + six = _______ .

A. twelve                                          B. thirteen

C. fourteen                                       D. fifteen

16._______ are they?

    They’re my classmates.

A.What                                             B. Who

C. Why                                             D. Where

17. Which verb adds­_es in the third person?

A. teach                                             B. eat

C. listen                                             D. walk

18. Which word is the odd one out?

A. ten                                                B. sixteen

C. eighteen                                        D. third

19.Hello, Minh. _______ is Long.

A. This                                              B. These

C. Those                                           D. They

20. When you meet your friend at 3pm, you say :

A. Good morning                              B. Good afternoon

C. Good evening                               D. Goodnight





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