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Test 2


Choose the correct answer:


1. Nice ______ you.

A. to meeting                                     B. meet

C. meets                                            D. to meet

2. – Goodbye!

    _ _______ .

A. See you later                                 B. Good evening

C. Hello                                             D. How are things?

3. _ _______

    _ It’s nine am.

A. What the time is?                           B. How is it late?

C. What hour is it?                             D. What time is it?

4. – Is that your teacher?

    _ _______ .

A. Is                                                  B. Yes, it is

C. That one                                        D. Yes, she is

5. _ Thank you very much.

    _ _______ .

A. You are welcome                            B. Please

C. That’s right                                     D. Nothing

6. Which word is the odd one out?

A. watch                                              B. week

C. month                                             D. year.


7. ten + five = ______ .

A. twelve                                             B. thirteen

C. fourteen                                          D. fifteen

8. Which words is the odd one out?
          A. two                                                C. second
          B. three                                               D. ten

9. We ______ fine, thank you.

A. be                                                  B. am

C. is                                                   D. are

10. – ______ is your teacher?

      _ Miss Lan Phuong.

A. What                                            B. Where

C. Who                                             D. When

11. Shirts, trousers and skirts are _______ .

A. dresses                                         B. clothes

C. suits                                              D. wardrobes

12. _ How are you?

      _ Not very well, I’m afraid.

      _ _______

A. That’s nice!                                  B. Good for you!

C. Thank you.                                   D. What’s wrong?

13.______ you twelve years old?

A. Be                                                  B. Am

C. Is                                                  D. Are

14. _ Amy, this is my friend, Nancy.

      _ _______ .

A. I’m very well, thank you                B. Goodbye. See you later

C. Hi, Nancy                                     D. I’m sorry

15. _ _______

      _ No, she isn’t. We’re in Miss Mai’s class.

A. Is Miss Hoa your teacher?

B. Are you in Miss Mai’s class?

C. Is Miss Mai your teacher?

D. Are you in Miss Hoa’s class?

16. Which word is the odd one out?

A. lesson                                           B. math

C. history                                          D. literature

17. How many syllables are there in the word wonderful?

A. one                                               B. two

C. three                                             D. four

18. _ Who are ______ ?

      _ They’re our friends.

A. we                                                B. us

C. they                                              D. them

19. _ Are you from Thailand?

      _ _______ .

A. No, I’m not. I’m from Thailand.

B. Yes, they’re. They’re from Thailand.

C. No, I’m not. I’m from Singapore.

D. Yes, they’re. They’re from Singapore.

20. Which word has three syllables?

A. fourteen                                        B. fifteen

C. sixteen                                          D. seventeen



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