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Cycling with friends in the country

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Future simple tense (will - won't)

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 Future Perfect vs. Future Continuous

 1. At midnight on Monday, I   at the party.

2. By tomorrow, at this same time, Sandra   to her English class.
3. The baby  born by tomorrow during noon.
4. When I turn 30, I   6 children.
5. At 6 pm, Sara  her Yoga class.
6. The team their homework to the teacher by tomorrow.
7. Cecy is one month pregnant, in 8 more months she  her brand new baby!!!
8. After his job, Joe   8 hours in a temperature of 42 degrees centigrade.
9.  At this time tomorrow, we  8 hours in this plane!!
10. Wow!!! We for 8 hours and we won't have  arrived to Paris.





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