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Cardinal numbers can be VERY LONG, but  NOT VERY DIFFICULT  to read. Just folllow these steps:
1. Divide the number into cathegories of three numbers. Ex. 125478965897163 becomes 125 478 963 589 716.
2. Give each cathegory a value. Ex. thousand, million, billion, etc. REMEMBER!!!! You have to start from the second cathegory from the right to the left and in this order: THOUSAND, MILLION, BILLION, TRILLION, etc.

Ex.   125       478      963      589    716
   trillion  billion  million  thousand

And it is read by saying fist the number of three digits and then the cathegory. Example:

First: One hundred and twenty-five

So, the final number should be:

One hundred and twenty-five TRILLION four hundred and seventy-eight BILLION nine hundred and sixty-three MILLION five hundred and eighty-nine THOUSAND seven hundred and sixteen.



Write the following numbers (don't forget the hyphen(-) in compound numbers.

a) 208  986 478 235 896

b) 333 313 030 000 003
c) 5 005 555 515 055
d) 846 000 012 000 007
e) 486 597 124 358 861

From 0-10
From 11-19
From 20- 1 billion



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