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Am, is or are?

Fill in the blanks with am, is or are.

1. Susan  twelve years old.
2. I  Portuguese.
3. My teacher  very nice.
4. My mother and I  very close.
5. Where  you from?
6.  Mary French?
7.  they brother and sister?
8. Your house  big and comfortable.
9. My cat  black and white.
10. It  an interesting book.
11.  I ten years old?
12. Peter and Mary  single.
13. We  good at English.
14. Hugh Grant  my favourite actor.
15. Who  your favourite football player?
16.  your pets dogs or cats?
17. I  not good at Maths.
18. Where  Peter from?
19. How old  they?
20. My grandparents  old.





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