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1. True or false?
- Tom is three years old.         True    False
- Cindy is five years old.         True    False
- Susan is six years old.          True    False
- Katie is two years old.          True    False
- Peter is three years old.       True    False
- Kevin is one year old.           True     False
2. True or false? Listen and choose.
 True     False
 True     False
 True     False
 True     False
 True     False
 True     False
3. Answer the questions following the example:
 - How old is Kevin? Kevin is one year old.
- How old is Peter?
- How old is Katie?
- How old is Susan?
- How old is Tom?
- How old is Cindy?
4. True or false?
- Katie is older than Tom.            True     False
- Cindy is younger than Susan.     True     False
- Peter is younger than Katie.       True     False
- Cindy is older than Tom.             True     False
- Susan is the oldest.                     True     False
- Tom is the youngest.                    True     False
5. Choose the right option:
- Kevin is  than Tom.
- Susan is  than Cindy.
- Peter is  than Katie.
- Tom is  than Susan.
- Peter is  than Kevin.





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