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1. Look at the pictures and write sentences. Use can / can't
Yes. He / make / sandcastles                     No.  He / play /  the drums                                 Yes.  They / cycle                                  No. He / play /cello
        He can make sandcastles                                                                               
  Yes. We / take photos                           No. I / eat hamburgers                                      Yes. She / play the violin                      Yes. He/ ski
  No.  She / sing songs                           Yes. He / play the piano                                 Yes. They / play basketball                        No. He / paint pictures
2. Choose the correct form
Pigs     can't  /  can   fly
Donkeys    can't  /  can   talk
I haven't money. I     can't  /  can   buy a new car
I have broken my leg so I  can't   /   can   ski
I   can't  / can  play the piano very well
3.  Choose the correct sentence.











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