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Choose the right question word.

1.are you?

  I am Susan Davis.

2. is your sister?

   She is at school.

3. is Ms Smith?

    She is my teacher.

4. is your brother?

   He is fine, thanks.

5. is his address?

   It is 25, Queen  Street.

6. are you?

   I am at home.

7. old are you?

    I am ten years old.

8. is that man?

  He is John’s father.

9. colour is your pen?

   It is black.

10. is this?

    It’s a pencil sharpener.

11. are you?

     We are in the classroom.

12. are you?

    I’m fine,  thanks.

13. is she?

    She is in the swimming pool.

14. is Cristiano Ronaldo?

    He is a football player.

15. time is it?

     It’s twenty past two.

16. is your birthday?

     It’s in December.

17. is your mother’s job?

     She is a housewife.

18. nationality is Sean Connery?

    He is Scottish.

19. are Peter and Paul?

    They’re in the park.

20. is your mother’s birthday?

     It is in March.

21. are they?

    They are Daniel and Henry.

22. time is their English lesson?

    It is at quarter to twelve.

23. is that?

    It is a desk.

24. is Susan?

    She is OK.

25. old is Mary?

    She is twenty-one years old.

26. nationality is she?

   She is German.

27. is her birthday?

    It’s in August.

28. is Henry from?

   He’s from London.

29. is his father?

    His  father is Mr. Brown.

30. is his surname?

   It is Brown.

31. is his job?

   He is a policeman.

32. are those boys?

They are Mary’s brothers.



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