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Connect the words with their definition.

Ban ()

Brochure ()

curry ()

duty ()

excursion ()

fake ()

foreigners ()

significantly  ()

to advise of  ()

to compare ()

to queue ()

to ruin ()

to startle ()

to sunbathe()

trader ()


a.    a person who buys and sells

b.   advertisement magazine

c.    an Indian spice

d.   foreign people

e.    not real

f.     noticeably, much

g.   responsibility

h.   to forbid, especially officially

i.     to look at the differences between
 two or more things

j.     to sit or lie in the sun in order to
make your skin darker

k.    to spoil or destroy someone

l.     to stand in line

m.  to surprise

n.   to warn about

o.   trip





















choose the correct option.


1. This paintings are _____ they are not real.


2. In Yosemite National Park cars are _____ in order to avoid congestion and overcrowding.


3. I love to ________ you know, to sit in the sun in order to make your skin darker


4. My school is planning a/an _______ to Arenal Volcano, I want to go. I know it is a short trip, though.


5. Tourism is very important for Costa Rica`s economy, so that you can see lots of ____________ from different countries








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