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Exercise 1.
Match the questions with the answers.
Write the letter in the box (For example B). Sometimes there is one extra answer.


1. Will you help me with the homework?
2. Did you have a nice day at school?
3. Have you seen our Biology teacher?
4. Were you going to tell me about your school problems?

A. Of course I am.
B. I can try.
C. Yes, it was fine.
D. Yes, I was but not now.
E. Yes, sheís over there.


1. May I borrow your pen?
2. Is that seat free?
3. Where did you buy that scarf ?
4. Will you dance with me?

A. Sorry, it isnít.
B. Here you are.
C. I will buy the pen.
D. Yes, Iíd love to.
E. I donít remember.

1. Whatís the matter with Emily?
2. Where did you find the tickets?
3. Why did you come to work by car today?
4. Who asked the question?

A. Go back to page three.
B. The man at the back.
C. To get back home quickly.
D. Her back hurts.
E. They were in my back pocket.

Exercise 2. What will you answer to the people saying: (write the letter in the box)

1. How are you?

A. Iím fine. Thank you.
B. Sorry, I canít.
C. I live in Scotland.

2. ____________________________________?
††† I want to be a doctor.

A. What are you doing at the moment?
B. What do you want to eat for breakfast?
C. What do you want to do in the future?

3. ____________________________________?
††† Yes, a glass of water please.

A. Do you want something to drink?
B. Do you want something to eat?
C. Can I get the glass of water?

4. Do you like swimming?

A. Yes, I can.
B. Yes, I do.
C. No, Iím not.

5. Do you have a driving licence?

A. Not yet.
B. Not well.
C. Not far.

6.† _________________________ ?
†††† A whole summer.

A. When did you last stay here?
B. What time did you arrive here?
C. How long have you been staying here?

7.† _________________________?
Y: Yes, please.

A. Do you like veggie burgers?
B. Would you like a veggie burger?
C. Have you eaten a veggie burger?

8.† How is your sister?

A. She is sixteen.
B. She is well, thank you.
C. She is very pretty.

9.† _________________________
Y: Nice to meet you, too.

A. Nice to meet you.
B. Meet me tomorrow.
C. How nice of you.

10.† _________________________
† † †† He is very kind.

A. What kind is it?
B. Where is he now?
C. What is he like?

11. What do you do ?

A. Iím O.K. Thanks.
B. Iím a student.
C. Iím 14.

12. Have you ever tried sushi ?

A. Yes, I have.
B. No, I canít.
C. Yes, I do.

13. Did you like the cake ?

A. No, I canít.
B. Yes, thank you.
C. Yes, I have.

14. Do you like this dog ?

A. Yes, Iíve got a dog.
B. Yes, I like it.
C.Yes, Iíve got a sister.

15. What are you doing ?

A. Iím a student.
B. I like watching TV.
C. Iím doing the test.

16.† Can I speak to Amanda?
† † † _________________________

A. Yes, I was wrong.
B. Iím afraid youíre wrong.
C. Youíve got the wrong number.

17. _________________________
†††† Very rarely.

A. How far is your school from your home?
B. How long does it take you to get to school?
C. How often do you go to school by bus?

18. Do you think I can use your textbook for a while?
††††† _________________________
††††† Thanks.

A. Sure, go ahead.
B. Yes, of course, I can.
C. No problem, how much?





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