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Countable - Uncountable nouns worksheet preview
Countable - Uncountable nouns

Countable-Uncountable nouns worksheet preview
Countable-Uncountable nouns

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Countable or uncountable, some or any, much or many

1. Countable or Uncountable? Write C / U.
a. paper
b. apple juice
c. orange
d. yoghurt
e. table
f. sandwich
g. chocolate
h. girl
i. cottage cheese
j. potato
2. Complete the sentences with some or any.
a. There's  bread on the table.
b. There aren't  apples in the bowl.
c. Is there  milk in the bottle?
d. There are  rolls for dinner.
e. There isn't  jam left.
f. There's  fruit in the basket.
g. Are there  sausages?
h. I haven't got  butter.
i. I've got  cheese.
j. There aren't eggs for lunch.
3. Choose the correct word.
a. How  boys are here?
b. How  juice do you need?
c. How  homework have you got?
d. How  posters has Peter got?
e. How  butter would you like?
f. How  tomatoes are there?
g. How  photos did you take?
h. How  bacon is there in the fridge?
i. How  milk is there in the bottle?
j. How  eggs do we need for this recipe?
created by Ms Györgyi Tokodi





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