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Read the text and make necessary changes to the verbs. The tenses that are used in the text: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect Simple, Past Simple.

We  (be) at a party today. Today Nick  (have) a birthday. Many guests  (already/come) to his party. Everybody  (be) happy. Lisa  (dance) with Mark. Tina  (hold) some drinks and ice-cream. Barbara and Tina  (talk) about the party. They  (like) the party. They  (buy) beautiful dresses for the party yesterday and now they  (discuss) the prices for the clothes. Michael  (stand) at the table. He  (not/eat) anything yet and he  (be) hungry. He  (get) up three hours ago and he  (not/have) time for lunch yet. He  (go) to bed very late yesterday. So it  (be) difficult for him to get up in the morning. Nick’s parents  (go) to visit their friends. They  (not come) back yet.

Yesterday all the family  (be) very busy. They  (do) many things for Nick’s party. Nick’s mother  (cook) many tasty things. Nick also  (help) her. Nick’s father  (not cook) anything because he  (be) very busy at work. Nick’s sister Patricia  (bake) a nice cake and Nick’s brother  (clean) the house.

So today Nick and his friends  (celebrate) his birthday. “Many happy returns of the day, Nick!”






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