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Can or Cannot + online exercise
Level: elementary
Age: 3-17
Downloads: 64

can or cannot?
Level: elementary
Age: 9-14
Downloads: 60

Level: elementary
Age: 7-17
Downloads: 24

Find a person: can or cannot
Level: elementary
Age: 8-17
Downloads: 15


Look at the pictures. Let's write true sentences about Samantha. She is 5 years old. There are some things that she can do, but there are still things, that she cannot do. Things that she can do are marked  . Things that she still cannot do are marked . Now write the sentences under each picture.  
 do not forget to put . at the end of every sentence!
                use a computer                                                    dance
               ride a bicycle                                                           read
This is Daniel. He is 4.
                           sing                                                                                        play
                       write                                                                            clean





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