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Have got or has got worksheet preview
Have got or has got

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have got (order sentences 01)

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Test 7 for the 3rd grade

have got-has got worksheet preview
have got-has got

have got-has got (questions) worksheet preview
have got-has got (questions)

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   Exercise 1
Fill in with have or  has  in the following sentences           
               1 The boy a ball.
2.               2. My sister a boyfriend.
3.               3.  I two sisters. They blond hair.
4.               4.  My brother a red car. It four doors.
5.               5.  This house a very big garden.
6.               6.  The boys an important test tomorrow.
7.               7. My cat a long tail.
8.               8.  The book a nice cover.
9.               9.  We good news for you        
                  10.  You a nice voice.
Exercise 2
Let’s see what we have :
1. I two legs.   
2. You small ears.
3. She  long , blond hair.
4. It long legs.
5. He blue eyes.
6. We two arms.
Exercise 3
 Choose  have   or   has.
1.               1.    Ben  have  has  one brother. His brotherhave  has black hair.
2.              2.  Mother and father have  has  good children.
3.              3.   Keren have  has  a white dress.
4.              4.   Father have   has  a small car.
5.              5.   My dog  have  has  long ears.
6.              6.    It have has  a short tail.
7.              7.    The girls have  has  a show soon.
Exercise 4
Number the words in the right order to make sentences. 
1.               1   cat  / The / eyes. / has / green                      
2.              2     long tail. / This / cat. / a / has  
3.              3     Lee / many /  has /  books. 
                 4    friends.  / many / have /         
                 5     house. / a / big / Mrs. Cohen / has 
                 6     have / My sisters /  birds. / two  
Exercise 5
Choose have  or  has
1.                   Most teenagers at least one hobby.
2.                  I one  brother and one sister.
3.                  It is better to one bird in your hand than two on a tree.
4.                  Do you the new Eminem album ?
5.                  Sharon two cousins in Paris.
6.                  I no idea what he is talking about.
7.                  My brother   a new girlfriend.
8.                  We usually a lot of homework in English.
9.                  The baby high fever . I’m calling the doctor.
                   My mom can’t help me today. She a lot of work.
Exercise 6
 Write correct sentences in the box. Add have or has.           
1. Mrs. Cohen / a dog   
2. We / a test              
3. They / a big house   
4. She / green eyes     
5. Ron / a fat cat        
6. The boy / many toys
7. Sami / a new camera.
8. The house / many rooms
9. My dog / new puppies
     10.  Jenny and I / good news  
Exercise 7
Fill in  have or has
My name is Norman. I have  has one brothers and one sister. My parents have  has  a new car.
The car have has  four doors. It have  has  a new radio with a CD player.
My brother have has  his driving license. He have has  a girlfriend so he takes her in our new car. I only have has 
a bike. I hope I will have has  a car when I grow up.

 Orit :-)





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