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FCE Grammar Exercises 

Review of the future tense - 1
1. Choose the most suitable verb form in each sentence.
a) If you arrive late to the party, the best food
b) Don't come to my home at lunch time.  my favourite television programme then.
c) Be careful! The train  leave.
d) Please send me a text message as soon as she  there. I can't wait to see her
e) Can I change my appointment for this afternoon please, because  tomorrow.
f) I've just checked the flight details and the plane  at 6pm.
g) Where  your new laptop? You should try the shop on the High Street.
2. Please put the verb in brackets in the most suitable form, all sentences refer to futute time.
a) When I (see)  you tomorrow, I (show)  you my new tattoo.
b) After you (take)  a nap, you (feel)  a lot better
c) I'm sorry but you need to stay in your room until you (finish)  your work.
d) I (buy)  the cigarettes from the corner shop when it (open) .
e) I (let)  you know the second I (find out)  the outcome.
f) Before we (start)  decorating the room, we (have)  lunch
g) We (wait)  in the shelter until the bus (come)
3. Please put the verb in brackets in the most suitable form, more than one answer may be possible
a) I'm very sorry Mr. Smith (not be)  back in the clinic until 6. You can leave a message for him if you like.
b) I don't think you (have)  any problems when you land in Boston.
c) By the time we get home, the football match (start) .
d) In  years time I (live)  in a different country
e) When you get off the train, I (wait)  for you outside near the carpark
f) (you take) your children with you to Spain
g) This time next week I (ski)  in Italy!
by Oliver Smith





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