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sentences transformation 

1  It isn't neccesary to bring skates as they are included in the package.
    You  bring skates as they are included in the package.
2  Peter said he will be reading a book when you arrive.
    Peter said  a book when I arrive.
3  I'm afraid this house is just too expensive.
    This house is  my means.
4  They moved to this neighbourhood in 1987.
    They  in this neighbourhood since 1987.
5  Someone must tell us about the coming event.
    We  about the coming event.
6  Everybody expects that Spain will get to the final.
    Spain  to get to the final.
7  The teacher has punished the students.
    The students  by the teacher.
8  I went to the beauty shop and they did my nails.
9  We'll go to the mountains unless it rains.
10  I never travel by boat because I get seasickness.





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