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Level: elementary
Age: 9-17
Downloads: 1129


We use the have something done form when we want to say that instead of doing something ourselves someone else does it for us, or to refer to something that has affected us.

Transform these sentences using the causative have

1. A local firm redecorated our kitchen.

We by a local firm.

2. A doctor took out her tonsils when she was six.

She when she was six.

3. Be careful! These walls have just been painted.

Be careful! I painted.

4. There was a leak in the roof so they're fixing it now.

There was a leak in the roof so I  now.

5. The hairdresser should cut your hair. It's too long and untidy!

You . It's too long and untidy!

6. When will you call someone to repair the air conditioning? It's too hot in here!

When will you ? It's too hot in here!

7. When I was coming here, someone stole my purse on the bus.

When I was coming here, I on the bus.

8. If you don't get out right now, I'll ask the police to arrest you.

If you don't get out right now, I by the police.



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