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Prepositions of place worksheet preview
Prepositions of place

Prepositions of place worksheet preview
Prepositions of place

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Look at the picture and choose the right answer.

     1.       The bag is ....... the table.                       2. The green jumper is ........  the drawer.   

       behind                                                 behind 

                 under                                                  in front of 

         on top of                                              on top of

       in                                                      in


    3.       The tape recorder is ....... the alarm clock.     4. The baseball cap is ...... the bed.

        behind                                                  behind

        between                                                above

         next to                                                 on top of

        under                                                   under


5.       The green book is ....... the chair.               6. The alarm clock is ........ the frame and the

    behind                                                    tape recorder.

    on top of                                                  behind

     under                                                      next to

    next to                                                    between

                                                                in front of






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