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Possessive case and possessive Adjectives

Read the dialog between Emma and Tom and identify Emma's , Tom's  and Cathy's pens.

Emma: I've lost my pen , Tom .Have you seen it ?
Tom: No, I haven't , Emma .What does it look like ?
Emma: It's purple.
Tom: This one is green , Is it yours ?
Emma : No, that's Cathy's , I think. Mine is purple .
Tom: Mine is yellow ,but you can borrow it if you like .
Emma: Thanks , Tom.
a) The green pen is
b) The yellow one is
c) The purple one is
Choose the correct option :
a) Whose yellow pen is ?
It's Tom.
It's Tom's
b) Whose purple pen is ?
It's Emma's
It's Emma
c)Whose green pen is ?
It's Cathy pen
It's Cathy's pen
Complete with the possessive adjectives or pronouns from the  below
ours/ our/yours /your/  theirs /their 
Policeman : Good evening , sir. Good evening madam. Is this your car ?
Mr. smith : No, it isn't .  car is that blue one over there .
Mrs. smith : Isn't this Brown's car , Peter ?  car is green.
Mr. Smith : No, Mary. This car is new.  is old.
policeman: Well, thank you both for  assistance .By the way, if that blue car is  you've parked it illegally !
Mrs. smith : Oh, no !





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