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1. What's the weather like?
2. Look at the map and complete the sentences:
a) In Birmingham, the weather will be . It will  during the morning and temperatures will be .
b) We will be able to see the  for a while in London. We can have a picnic in the open air during the morning. But watch out! It will be  in the afternoon and temperatures will be lower.
c) If you are planning to go to the north of Scotland, you should take a raincoat. It will  all day.
d) The  point in England will be Stornoway this weekend. The temperature will  to 5 degrees during the night.
3. Choose the correct option:
a) Jake, take an umbrella.
b) I can't see anything in this thick
c) The day was so  that the wet clothes were dry in half an hour.
d) When it  children usually make snowmen.
e) The weather in Spain is often  and people are tanned.
f) When there's a storm   are quite common.
g) If it's  tomorrow morning, we will go to the beach.
h) Don't get into the water. It's  . You'll get a cold.
4. Find ten words related to the weather:





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