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Weather and seasons: multiple choice worksheet preview
Weather and seasons: multiple choice

The changing weather worksheet preview
The changing weather

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Weather worksheet preview

Weather multiple choice worksheet preview
Weather multiple choice

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 .    Write the correct word under each symbol.  Check the word bank.

cloudy  -  hazy  -  partly cloudy  -  rainy  -  stormy  -  sunny  -  snowy  - windy


  .  How is the weather today?  Select the correct answer.

 Look at the photos.
A. Write the correct letter next to the phrases below.







 The wind is blowing.                     

 It is raining.                                     

 It is cold and snowy.                      

 It is sunny and hot.                         

B. Read what is written behind each card.  Then answer the questions.
Dear Bruna, 
We are having such a wonderful time here in     Buzios, Rio de Janeiro.  The beaches               are fantastic and, most of the time, it is sunny  and hot.                                                                  
We wish you were here,   
Laura and Julio
Dear Mom and Dad,
I'm in London where it has been raining steadily for three days. I should have taken the famous red double decker instead of  venturing on the streets with my yellow umbrella.
I was drenched but had lots of fun. There are so many interesting things to see and do here! 
Dear friends, 
Chicago is a lovely city!  It is very windy and cold but some days are very beautiful. We've been to lots of parks, museums and a fabulous aquarium.
We're very happy to be here!
Lisa and Tricia
Dear Helena,

How about skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or simply sipping a cup of hot chocolate?

Bariloche is a beautiful place.  It is cold and snowy in the winter, the perfect place to practice winter sports.
Hugs from Argentina,
1. It has been raining for three days in which city?
2.Where is it hot and sunny most of the time?
3. Which city is so windy that it is known as the "Windy City"?
4. Where can you  practice winter sports in South America?
5. Which couple can go the the beach everyday?
6. Who are the girls who visited a fabulous aquarium?
7. Where do people need to carry an umbrella?
8. Where do people like to sip hot chocolate?
Just for fun, a weather song!

                                                                                                                                                                                             Anna Pessoa           





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