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Match these words to the definitions. Use the dictionary, if necessary.

afford     bargain       cash     cashier     changing room     checkout     credit/debit card
   discount    gift    queue    receipt    shelves    trolley   refund 

1. A small plastic card that you use to buy tickets.

2. The person who takes the money in a shop

3. Money in the from of notes and coins

4. The place where you pay in a supermarket of a big shop

5. The place where you put the products in a shop, particularly in a supermarket

6. A line of people waiting, for example to pay in a shop

7. Have enough money to buy something

8. A reduction in the price of something

9. Something that you buy which is much cheaper than usual

10. Money that a shop gives you when you return a product that you don't want

11. Piece of paper that they give you to show that you've paid for something

12. A large container with wheels that you use to put products in, in a supermarket for example

13. A present

14. A place where you try clothes before you buy them





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