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Use the word given to write a second sentence that means the same than the first one.

1-††††† It cost more than 450 euros! OVER

450 euros!

2-††††† It wasnít possible to travel on Saturday. WAY

There could travel on Saturday

3-††††† My parents always believed in me. FAITH

My parents always .

4-††††† The movie was so good that I watched again on Monday. SUCH

It that I watched again on Monday.

5-††††† She didnít come because her car broke down. WOULD

She if

6-††††† Thereís nothing wrong in having too much free time. HARM

There too much free time.

7-††††† She said she wouldnít do it again. PROMISE

She† again.

8-††††† We met 25 years ago. FOR

We 25 years

9-††††† You should give away those old CD's. RID

You should those old CD's

10-†† Ok, youíre right. Iíll give it a try. HAVE

Ok, you're right. I'll .




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