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Jobs and occupations

Jobs worksheet preview

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Jobs - Fill in the gaps

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Jobs and occupations quiz
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Age: 6-17
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Occupations - QUIZ
1. Who helps sick people?
a policeman
a doctor
a teacher
2. Who fights fires?
a farmer
a driver
a fireman
3. Who prepares food?
a nurse
a cook
a seller
4. Who gives students homework?
a teacher
a postman
a lawyer
5. Who works in a shop?
a seller
a waitress
a secretary
6. Who delivers mail?
a driver
a postman
a hairdresser
7. Who catches thieves?
a policeman
a fireman
a postman
8. Who fixes problems with the car?
a driver
a mechanic
a doctor
9. Who works in the army?
a policeman
an actor
a soldier
10. Who writes articles?
a journalist
a seller
a judge





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