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"London transport - At the Ticket Office: Selling and Buying tickets" - a 90-minute lesson with the focus on Reading - Writing and Speaking
Level: elementary
Age: 9-17
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London Transport
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london colouring worksheet for small children
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1. Watch the video.
2. Complete the sentences.
London is on the . There are  over the Thames,
some for , some for  and some for .
Some are very famous, like this one: .
London is a  city, but travelling around it is easy!
You can take a  on the river.
You can go on one of London's famous , or .
Or you can go on the .
Londoners call this .
3. Match.
 the Tower Bridge
 a car
 a scooter
 a taxi
 a waterbus
 a red bus
 the River Thames
 a boat
 the Millennium Bridge
 the Tube
 a bike





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