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Caravan Holiday              


Read the lyrics of the song and fill in the gaps.

Then listen to the song and check if you were right!

easy            time      summer       shoes      watching     never     weather     matter       you








Seven day holiday in the rain, it's June
At the we were plain old me and you
It didn't matter that the sky came down
I really felt like going out
Seven days rain inside with you

Saturday watched the game you fried our food
Nothing busy nothing but something you
It didn't matter that we couldn't eat out
My ship sank and my were damp
Seven days hearing rain inside with you

There's always time to complain about the
Seasons change in a day just like each other
But we wait for
Seven day holiday in the rain with you

Lie awake drinking late is all that's left to do
Not a sound but the rain on the pale blue roof
It didn't that we couldn't sleep out
I never really felt like *sleeping rough*
Seven day holiday drinking dry with
Now answer some questions about the holiday!   


  1. How long was the holiday?
  2. How many people were there?
  3. What was the weather like?
  4. What did they do on Saturday night? Was it exciting?
  5. Did they drink a lot? What do you think they drank?
  6. Do you think they enjoyed their holidays?
  7. Would you be happy in their place?

And now imagine you are one of the characters from the song. You’ve just came back from your holiday. Tell your friends about it!






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