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Use the words in the box to complete the following sentences. You might need to do some changes.

1-         1-  To write a good research paper you need to get the information from (1) sources.

      2-  I like meat but I (2)  eat fish today. 

      3-  The movie has powerful dialogues and great performances but it’s not very historically (3) .

      4-  My upstairs neighbor is really annoying; I (4)  her!

      5-  Can you (5)  your colleagues?

      6-  John and Ian (6)  go for a run every Saturday morning.

      7-  Researchers have found out that the manuscript is a (7)

      8 -  Mark is a liar; he’s always (8)  excuses for his behavior, but I don’t believe him anymore.

      9-  When I was a child I (9)  went to the movies. I didn’t have money enough to pay for the tickets.

 10-      Margaret is (10)  gardening. You should see her yard; it’s beautiful.

 11-       The report was rejected by the judge because it contained (11)  information.





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