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relative clauses
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Age: 14-17
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Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
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Relative Pronouns: Who- Which- That
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-14
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Relative clauses


I. Fill in the blanks with relative pronouns.

1. Whales and dolphin both make sounds____ in some ways are similar to a language.

2. People_____ work with dolphin are often surprised at how intelligent they are.

3. One scientist_____ has studied dolphins carefully is John Lilly.

4. Lilly was the director of an institute_____ became famous for its research.

5. Another person_____ work has become well known is Roger Fouts.

6. Fouts, _____ has studied the behaviors of other animals, taught a chimpanzee sign language.

7. This is the kind of language_____ is used by deaf and dumb people.

8. “ Dumb” is the word in English for someone____ is unable to speak.

9. My father, ___ is a doctor, is fifty years old now.

10. The place_____ I went to school is a quiet town.

11. My brother, _____ has a moustache, is studying architecture.

12. The man_____ I saw on TV is a famous writer.

13. The day______ we left on our trip was Friday 13th.

14. The time_____ I broke my leg is one of my worst memories.

15. The Hotel Tyrol, _____ I stayed when I was in Italy, was a really nice hotel.

16. I’m working for a firm, ______ main office is in London.

17. The work________ increases a lot when the boss is away is always interesting.

17. I don’t like people______ are big headed.

18. We went back to look at the house______ we used to live.

19. I live in Nam Dinh, ____ is one hundred kilometer from Ha Noi.

20. She wanted to know the reason ______ I had turned down her invitation.

21. It was returned to the person_____ name was inside.

22. Can you think of any reason____ he might have done it?

23. I prefer to go to Spain in winter, ____ there are fewer tourists about.

24. What is the name of the singer______ record is number one just now?

25. It is me ___ said it to her.

26. It is Mary_____ I met first.

27. She crushed into the wall _______ caused much damage.

28. She crushed into the wall, _____ caused much damage.

29. Daisy has three brothers. All of______ are teachers.

30. I tried on three pairs of shoes, none of ______ fitted me.

31. He asked me a lot of questions, most of _____ I couldn’t answer.

32. They have got two cars, one of ______ they seldom use.

33. There were a lot of people at the meeting, few of ______ I had met before.

34. He told me about the places and people____ he had seen in London.

35. This is the most interesting film_____ I’ve ever seen.

36. All____ he can say is this.

37. I bought the only book____ they had.

38. You’re the very man ____ I would like to see.

39. He never says anything _____ is worth listening to .

40. This man, to _____ I talked yesterday, is Mary’s father.

41. The film, about ____ they told last week, is interesting.

42. The car _____ brake is out of order, must be sent to the garage.

43. The car, the brake of_____ is out of order, must be sent to the garage.


II. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

1. Anyone_____ scholastic record is above average can apply for the scholarship.

A. who has a                   B. has a                              C. who’s a                         D. whose.

2. Florida, ____ the Sunshine State, attracts many tourists every year.

A. is                                B. known as                       C. is known as                    D. that is known as.

3. Is this the address to ____ you want the package sent?

A. where                         B. that                                C. which                             D. whom

4. They expect that the new book will be brought by people_____ interested in English history.

A. O                               B. are                                 C. who                               D. they are.

5. “Do you have the book ____ the teacher?”

A. that it belongs to          B. to which belongs to C. to which belongs                   D. that belongs to

6, “Were you able to locate the person_____ wallet you found?”

A. which                          B. that his                           C. whose                            D. that’s

7. The movie____ last night was terrible.

A. I went                         B. I went to                       C. I went to it                     D. that I went.

8. I read a book about Picasso, _____ Spanish painter.

A. a                                 B. is a                                 C. who a                            D. that is a

9. I have seventeen students, most of_______ speak English very well.

A. who                            B. those                              C. whom                            D. which

10. “Is Dr Brown the person______ you wish to speak?”

A. that                             B. whom                            C. to that                            D. to whom

11. Dr Sales is a person______ don’t have much confidence.

A. in whom I                   B. whom I                          C. in that I                          D. I

12. The new shopping mall is advertised as a place______ you can find anything you want to buy.

A. which                          B. where                            C. in where                         D. in that

13. Ann quit her job at the advertising agency, _____ surprised everyone.

A. who                            B. that                                C. which                             D. that is

14. I have always wanted to visit Paris, ______ capital of France.

A. is the                           B. that is the                       C. which the                       D. the.

15. The voters were against the candidate____ proposals called for higher taxes.

A. who his                       B. whose                            C. whom he had                 D. that his

16. Some fish is frozen, but ______ is best.

A. fish is fresh                  B. fish fresh                        C. fresh fish                        D. fresh fish is caught

!7. The government needs to establish more shelters to care for those____ have homes.

A. who don’t                   B. who doesn’t                   C. which don’t                    D. which doesn’t

18. The people____ the acrobat turn circles in the air were horrified when he missed the hands of his partner.

A. watched                      B. watch                             C. watching                        D. were watching

19. “Will everyone like the book?”

     “No, only people _______   interested in anthropology”.

A. are                              B. that is                             C. in whom are                   D. who are.

20. In the movie, a teenager_____ to pursue a singing career meets resistance from his father.

A. wanting                       B. wants                             C. wanted                          D. who want.

21. The severe drought____ occurred last summer rained the corn crop.

A. that is                             B. which it                       C, it                                    D. that

22. People who exercise frequently have greater physical endurance than those____

A. who doesn’t                   B. who don’t                  C. that doesn’t                    D. which don’t

23. The missing man’s family is desperately seeking anyone_____ information about his activities.

A. having                            B. has                              C. who have                       D. have.

24. “Have you ever met the man ___ ever there?”

A. stands                            B. is standing                   C. standing                         D. who he stands.

25. I have three brothers, ____ are businessmen.

A. that all of them               B. who they are               C. all of whom                    D. who all of them

26. “You seem so happy today”

     “I am. You are looking at a person _____ has just been accepted into a college. “

A. who                               B. who she                      C. whom she                      D. whom

27. I had to drive to the factory to pick up my brother, _____ car wouldn’t start.

A. who his                          B. who                            C. who’s                            D. whose

28. “Have you seen the place______ the graduation ceremony will be held?”

A. in that                            B. where                         C. is where that                  D. which

29. My grandfather, ____ a wise man, has greatly influenced my life.

A. who is                            B. is                                C. that is                             D. who he is

30. Little Women, _____ published in 1868, is my sister’s favorite book.

A. is a novel                       B. a novel was                 C. a novel                           D. was a novel

31. “Is April twenty- first the day_____?”

A. you’ll arrive then.                               B. when you’ll arrive.

C. on that you’ll arrive                            D. when you’ll arrive on

32. Lora’s marriage has been arranged by her family. She is marrying a man____

A. that she hardly knows him.                 B. whom she hardly knows him

C. she hardly knows                                 D. she hardly knows him

33. That book is by a famous writer. It’s about the people in Samoa___ for two years.

A. that he lived                                          B. that he lived among them

C. where he lived among them               D. among whom he lived.

34. The chemistry book_____ was a little expensive.

A. I bought                                              B. that I bought it.

C. I bought that                                        D. what I bought.

35, “Do you remember Mrs. White, _____ taught us English composition?”

A. that                                B. which                          C. who                               D. whom

36. “Why do you get up at 4 am?”

“Because  it’s the only time___ without being interrupted?”

A. when I can work on my book    B. when I can work on my book then.

C. I can work on my book              D. at when I can work on my book.

37. The problem____ never occurred.

A. I had expected it                          B. who I had expected

C. that I had expected it                   D. I had expected

38. “My writing has improved a lot in this class.”

      “Mine has, too. All the students_____ do well in writing.”

A. whom Mr. Davis teaches them.    B. Mr. Davis teaches.

C. which Mr. Davis teaches               D. Mr. Davis teaches them.

39. “How did you enjoy your dinner with Mr. Brown?”

      “It was boring. He talked only about himself, ______ almost put us to sleep.”

A. which                             B. that                             C. who                               D. that he

40. “Excuse me, but there if something about_____ immediately.”

A. that I must speak to you            B. that I must speak to you about

C. which I must speak to you         D. which I must speak to you about it.

III. Rewrite the sentences using relative clauses and adding commas if necessary.

1. I called to Luis. He saw me. He waved at me.

2. The detective knew all the answers. He solved the mystery.

3. I met an old friend. He told me all about a book he ‘d just read.

4. Len is giving a big party. Len has finally found a new job.

5. An old school friend gave me a job.

6. My cousin Pete helped me study for my history exam.

7. The girls were hungry and decided to have a meal.

8. This is Brenda. She lives upstairs.

9. Someone found the money and was given a reward.

10. Jane is the woman. Jane is going to China next year.

11. Craig is hoping that Donna will be at the party. Len has incited Craig.

12. The new manager at the plastics factory wants Donna to work late. No- one likes the new manager.

13. The woman at number 35 is behaving rather strangely. Donna spoke to the woman yesterday.

14. Brenda is a friend. I went on holiday with her.

15. I told you about a person. She is at the door.

16. I bought my car from that man.

17. Frank is the man. We are going to nominate Frank for the office of treasure.

18. This is the boy. I lent him my bicycle.

19. Sheila Brown is giving a concert at Webley Hall. I have long admired her.

10. The Earls of Euston were landowners in London. Euston Station is named after them.

11. A car was stolen. It was found at the airport.

12. A simplified edition is easier to read than the original. It’s shorter.

13. A disco kept people awake half the night. The disco took place at the club last weekend.

14. He has arranged a staff meeting. The meeting starts at 10 o’clock tomorrow.

15. My favorite film is Casablanca, made in 1942.

16. Her book was polished last year. It became a best settler.

17. I live in Corydon, it’s near London.

18. The car was in good condition and wasn’t expensive.

19. Tom bought a camera. The camera has three lenses/

20. Janet wants a typewriter. The typewriter self- corrects.

IV. Reduce relative clauses in these sentences.

1. George is the man who was chosen to represent the committee at the convention.

2. All of the money that was accepted has already been released.

3. The papers that are on the table belong to Peter.

4. The man who was brought to the police station confessed to the crime.

5. The girl who is drinking coffee is Mary Allen.

6. John’s wife, who is a professor, has written several papers on this subject.

7. The man who is talking to the policeman is my uncle.

8. The book that is on the top shelf is the one that I need.

9. The number of students who have been counted is quite high.

10. Leo Evans, who is a doctor, eats in this restaurant everyday.





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