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present perfect tense worksheet preview
present perfect tense

PRESENT PERFECT worksheet preview

Present perfect worksheet preview
Present perfect

The Present Perfect worksheet preview
The Present Perfect

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1) Look for the participles of the verbs below in the wordsearch:
look - see - sleep - watch - run - eat - have - write - like - Do - talk - dress - get - forget - make


2) Order the following sentences and write the words in tha gaps. You have to write the verb in the correct participle form:
1-  (see) nurse mouse has The just  a      
2 - yet Laura  (try) her  hasn't mother's cake    
3 - car uncle already Michael's (repair) the  has  
4 - just George (buy) a has car   
5 - yet Arthur and Susan  (get married) haven't    
6 - great just Martha (have) a  has idea  
7 - (leave) Paul  the already has party  
8 - hasn't  Mr. Wilson yet his (order) meal   
9 - asleep just Ron (fall) has   
10 - something has Mary   (forgot) just   
11 - the Have ? (make)  they experiment yet  
12 - yet tree haven't the (plant)  They     
13 - (find) way Mathew ? the yet Has  
3) Tick the true and/or correct sentences
1 - "Yet" is always placed at the end of the sentence.
2 - "Already" is used in negative sentences.
3 - "just" can be used in the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms.
4 - I haven't already read the book.
5 - Lisa have just baked the cake.
6 - you have gone to school yet?
7 - My cousin has just bought a new car.
8 - The teacher hasn't corrected the exams yet.
9 - Have you just had breakfast?
10 - The workers have already finished the project.
4) Write the correct form of the verb and the particle in each gap. Some admit different possibilities (write just one): 
1 - John has    to the jukebox....................(listen)
2 - The band hasn't  that song  ........................ (play)
3 - Somebody has   an egg at Peter .............. (throw)
4 - Mrs Dawson has   her leg .......................... (break)
5 - Paul's mother hasn't  the present  ............ (open)
6 - they  shopping ???........................... (go)
7 - Mrs. Madigan up? .......................... (wake)





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