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Present Simple      Present Continuous
        Past Simple           Future Simple


1.   I  (do) many things every day.

2.   She  (cook) at the moment.

3.   They  (have) a party last Sunday.

4.   We  (do) it tomorrow.

5.   She  (write) this exercise 2 weeks ago.

6.   He usually  (buy) modern clothes.

7.   Look! The children  (play) snowballs.

8.   They  (write) a quick-test yesterday.

9.   They sometimes  (break) their toys.

10.      The boy  (get) only good marks last year.




1.   Listen! Somebody (shout).

2.   We often  (go) to school by bus.

3.   They  (buy) their car in 2010.

4.   I  (wait) for the teacher now.

5.   My granny  (visit) us next week.

6.   They  (rest) on the beach every summer.

7.   I  (color) the picture right now.

8.   They  (cook) a tasty meal last week.

9.   I always  (drink) tea in the morning.

10.      They  (work) harder next year.





1.   The teacher  (mark) our tests at the moment.

2.   People occasionally  (have) massage.

3.   We  (rest) in the mountains last winter.

4.   Look! Somebody  (wait) for you.

5.   She  (travel) abroad in summers.

6.   We  (go) on an excursion abroad next spring.

7.   They  (see) that film 3 days ago.

8.   Listen! Mary  (play) the piano.

9.   My mother  (take) the dog out every morning.

10.      They  (go) abroad in 2020.



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