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1- Fill in the gaps with the following words/phrases:
1- The Mid-Atlantic Bight (a coastal region running from Massachusetts to North Carolina) is wind rich, and a network of wind farms will be able to transmit from various weather systems as they move through the region.

2- People with depression who do not to treatment with drugs can have their symptoms reduced using cognitive behavioural therapy.

3- New on a rare gene mutation could offer clues about Alzheimer's disease.

4- There are only about 40 commercial launches into space a year now, including

5- The majority of studies indicate  do not interfere with contraceptive pills

6- techniques have been applied in numerous fields including research, agriculture, industrial biotechnology, and medicine.
7- Conventional is still too expensive to compete with fossil fuels.

8- I used the broom because the was out of order.

9- The battle lines have been drawn for years, but the fight over 's risks and benefits reached a new stage in New York this week.

10- Google executives said that hackers from China had broken into the company's to steal information about Chinese dissidents.

11- If you're not sure what you need to travel abroad, check with the embassy.

12- played a major role in the evolution and expansion of humanity throughtout the known universe.






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