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passive voice downloadable worksheets:
Introducing the "Passive Voice" (1) - Basic rules for Upper elementary and Intermediate students
This is the way I chose to introduce the passive voice to my 13-year-old students in terms of grammar rules - use and form (Simple present + S. Past). 4 different types of exercises graded in terms of complexity. First, students match the active verbs forms with the corresponding passive forms, then they read a piece of news taken today from Yahoo ...
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-14
Downloads: 3849

Active and Passive
This worksheet includes (I think) everything related to active and passive voice. It includes both expalnation and several activities. The things included are (forms of verb to be, past participle, changing sentences, negative, and questions from active to passive, and verbs with two objects). It also includes a guide of changing all tenses from ac...
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-17
Downloads: 2753

for intermediate students
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
Downloads: 2328

Students read the short grammar descriptions and do the exercises about PASSIVE VOICE for SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE and SIMPLE PAST TENSE.
Level: elementary
Age: 7-17
Downloads: 2232

Passive Voice
Passive Voice - rules and exercises
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
Downloads: 1800

Active Passive 101 sentences with answers
A rare collection of 101 sentences in all the tenses and also covering interrogative, imperative and some typical sentences. Due to file size restriction the ANSWER KEY is being given separately in part 2 of this worksheet. Hope it is useful. I will upload answer key tomorrow.
Level: intermediate
Age: 7-14
Downloads: 1250

Sherlock Holmes case IX: Active and passive
Part 9 of my Sherlock Holmes series. A new detective story which asks students to find out who broke into a house. The students have to read the alibi cards carefully. The ws combines reading and grammar (active and passive voice). Two different exercises on active/passive are included, and so is the KEY. Hope you like it.
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-17
Downloads: 1213

The Passive Voice Game
This is a game to practise PASSIVE VOICE. It includes a board game,60 cards and a spinner. The rules are quite simple. First, the students spin the spinner to randomly select the tense. Then they pick a card and form two sentences, the first one in affirmative mode and the other one in question mode. If they manage to form the sentences correctly,...
Level: elementary
Age: 9-17
Downloads: 1129


Turn the following questions into the Passive voice. (ommit the gerund where not necessary)

1. Do scientists do experiments? ?
2. Is Mary wearing a new skirt at the moment? ?
3. Where did they leave their bags? ?
4.  Is the cat chasing the mouse? ?
5. Have they asked the actress personal questions? ?
6. Can Mr Jones teach English? ?
7. Are they going to feed the baby? ?
8. Did Peter find the missing key? ?
9. Have they sold their house? ?
10. How did he find the solution to the problem? ?
11. Why is Peter making dinner today? ?
12. Can you show me your homework, please? ?
13. Will they have repaired your car by Tuesday? ?
14. Were the children playing football when they arrived. ?
15. How many stamps have you collected? ?
16. Are mum and dad paying the bill now? ?
17. Will they give you money for the trip? ?
18. Did they demolish the old building last week? ?
19. Has Sheila opened the window? ?
20. Does your mum do all the housework? ?



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