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1.  My dog  many dreams.

2.  She  many dreams.

3.  Mary and Peter  many dreams.

4.  Children  many dreams.

5.  They  many dreams.

6.  You  many dreams.

7.  It  many dreams.


1.  Mark  many dreams.

2.  Tom  many dreams.

3.  I  many dreams.

4.  Tim and Tom  many dreams.

5.  Jane and Nick  many dreams.

6.  Fred  many dreams.

7.  My cat  many dreams.



1.  It  many dreams.

2.  Mother and Father  many dreams.

3.  He  many dreams.

4.  We  many dreams.

5.  A child  many dreams.

6.  They  many dreams.

7.  Greg and Fred  many dreams.


1.  Do Bill and Bob  many dreams?

2.  He  many dreams.

3.  You  many dreams.

4.  I  many dreams.

5.  My dog and my cat  many dreams.

6.  Does she  many dreams?

7.  Do we  many dreams?


1.  Does my dog  many dreams?

2.  She  many dreams.

3.  Mary and Peter  many dreams.

4.  Do children  many dreams?

5.  They  many dreams.

6.  You  many dreams.

7.  Does it  many dreams?






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