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·         “Have to” is used to express obligation (when something is necessary).   

           Ex. I have to make my bed everyday  View details
     ·         Have to is used with  I, you, we, they (in affirmative sentences)

·         Has to is used with he, she, it (in affirmative sentences)

·         Don’t have to is used with I, you, we, they (in negative sentences)

·         Doesn’t have to is used with he, she, it (in negative sentences)

·         For questions we use “do / does + subject + have to"

·         We use “had to” to express obligation in the past

Now do the following activities:


Fill in the gaps using “have to”, “has to”, “don’t have to”, “doesn’t have to”

  1. We  get up early on Mondays   Child in bed with the alarm clock going off
  2. Mary  go to school on Saturdays
  3. She  wear glasses because she can’t see very well   Person with glasses anime avatar
  4. John  tidy his bedroom before going to bed.
  5. lay the table before having lunch       Young boy setting dinner table
  6. You  take your math book to school today, you don’t have math class   View details
  7. He  wear uniform in his school. Everybody can wear what they like.
  8. My father is a policeman. He  wear a uniform.   View details

Say whether these sentences are in present or past


  1. We didn’t have to get up early last Saturday   
  2. She has to go to school         
  3. Did you have to set the table?    
  4. We have to visit our grandparents   
  5. He had to tidy his room yesterday  





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