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the past simple vs the past progressive
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Complete the paragraph using the correct form of the verb in parentheses in either the past simple or past continuous.

††††††††††† This morning (to be) terrible!I(to wake up) late and I (to rush) to get to school on time when I

(to remember) that I (to forget) my homework at Mikeís house last night.We (to study) together when my mom (to call) and† (to tell) me to come home for dinner.Then, while I (to brush) my teeth, I

(to realize) that I had a test in English that I didnít study for!I

(to be) so upset that I †† (to get) toothpaste on my shirt and had to change my clothes!I(to miss) the bus and had to walk to school.It † † (to be) awful!



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