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           Present Simple and Present Continuous Thumbs Up

1- Put the verb in brackets into Present Simple or Present Continuous

Caller: Good morning, 1) be) Mr Green there?                                                      

Man: No, he 2)(not/be) here. He 3)(work) at the moment.

He usually 4) (work) until 4 p.m.

Caller: What about Mrs Green? Where 5) (be) she?

Man: She 6)(do) the shopping. She always 7) (do) the shopping on Thursday afternoons.

Caller: Where 8) (be) the children?

Man:They 9)(play) football. They often 10) (play) football after school.

Caller: How 11) (you/know) all this? Who are you?

Man: I 12)(be) the burglar!

A: Why 1)(you/not/finish) your homework and watch TV?

B: Because I 2) (not/understand) it. It is too difficult.

A: Why 3) (you/not/ask) your teacher to explain it?

B: Because I 4) (not/like) him.

A: Why 5) (you/not/like) him?

B: Well, he 6) (always/shout) at me because I 7) (not/do) my homework.

A: Well, no wonder he 8) (shout) at you. Show me your book and weīll do it together.



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