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DoDo Family
Put Do or does
1.     you go to school by bus?
2.   she play on the computer?
3.   the girls like football?
4.   the cat like to drink milk?
5.    You speak English or French?
6.   he read books?
7.  the children go to school on Fridays?
8.   she like cats?
9.  they play tennis?
10.  he like birds?
Put Don’t or Doesn’t:
1.     He  live in Mexico.
2.   She work in a bank.
3.    I play golf.
4.   Max listen to the radio.
5.    We speak English.
6.   You drink coffee in the morning.
7.   My cat eat meat.
8.   Shelly drink milk.
9.    I understand.
10.  His car work





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