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Modals for ability, logical conclusion, necessity, obligation, permission, possibility, prohibition and requests.
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must or have to
It is a useful worksheet on MUST-HAVE TO and MUSTN´T-DON´T HAVE TO. You´ll find both grammar guide and also fill in exercises. Hope you like it :)
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Should & Shouldn´t
This worksheet is about the use of should & shouldn´t. It includes several exercises on their use. I added a black version. Answer key is included. I hope you like it.
Level: intermediate
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Modal Perfect Revision

A. Rewrite the following sentences without changing their meaning. Use the modal perfect.

1. Maybe he learned Spanish as a child.


2. It was a mistake to ask him to do it.

You .

3. I am sure Peter didn’t enjoy his holiday.

Peter .

4. It’s possible that the teacher saw me.

The teacher .

5. It was unnecessary for you to study this unit.

You .

6. It was a bad idea to park outside the train station.

We .

7. I think you were wrong to buy the new car.

You .

8. It’s possible that I left the English book at home because it is not here.

I .

9. Maybe she didn’t mean what she said about you.

She .

10. I’m sure that your classmate took your jacket by mistake.

Your classmate .

B. Modal or Modal Perfect? Rewrite the following sentences without changing their meaning.

1. I suppose you are tired after your cruise.

You .

2. I am sure he was too tired to go to the concert.

He .

3. I regret having behaved  so badly during the lesson.

I .

4.  The students aren't allowed to bring the mobile phones to school.

The students .

5. I didn't finish reading the book because I was watching TV.

I .





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