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Will or Be Going To Future?
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
Downloads: 2629

Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
Downloads: 2134

Will or Going to?
Level: elementary
Age: 8-17
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Future forms - BE GOING TO or WILL (B&W + KEY included)
Level: elementary
Age: 12-17
Downloads: 1124






(WITH NO REAL EVIDENCE)  based on personal judgement, intuition or opinion



(decided at the moment of speaking)



The rain will soon stop.

I will prepare our lunch today.

The train will leave at 9:00 AM.

Who  win the elections?

The teacher  help the student.

The sun  rise at 5:30 tomorrow.

                              GOING TO


(based on real evidence in the present situation)


 (Fully decided before the moment of speaking)

At the moment of making a decision, use 'will'. Once you have made the decision, use'going to'.

Bob is not going to play football today.  He's got to finish his homework. He is going to travel to New York.

I will play tennis with you but I must let Paul know. "Paul, I'm going to play tennis with Rick."

Look at that queue! We  miss the film! My sister has won the lottery!  She  buy a new car, I  prepare your dinner but now I  finish my other chores!
1. Select the appropriate sentence.

Fred is trying to write a poem.

I already have my airline ticket.

The detective found a footprint. 

The old lady needs help.

He already has some paint and a brush.

Baby is holding a bottle.

2. Choose the correct sentence.


I think that Jean will win the race.
I think that Jean is going to win the race.
Tim will be a great football player.
Tim is going to be a great football player.
The Tour van will arrive at 8:30.
TheTour van is going to arrive at 8:30.

Tatiana is a great ballerina and practiced a lot for her presentation.

The new rhino will be the zoo's greatest attraction.
The new rhino is going to be the zoo's greatest attraction.
Brad will sell lemonade today.
Brad is going to sell lemonade today.
Her performance will be a great success.
Her performance is going to be a great success.


I will go on a cruise if I receive my aunt's inheritance.
I am going on a cruise if I receive my aunt's inheritance.
Linda will have a baby next month.
Linda is going to have a baby next month.
Mom will love Tim's barbeque!
Mom is going to love Tim's barbeque!






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